pedals for my friends and their friends

the story

Hello! My name is Ben Adrian. I've been a gear nerd for years. I've built a lot of my own gear for the various bands in which I've played, and I must say I've enjoyed the attention from having unique equipment. About a year ago I began making pedals for some of my friends. I enjoyed it very much, so I decided to make more and more. Next thing I knew I had something that kind of seemed like a pedal company.

I'm not claiming or pretending to be all that original. I've always thought of myself as a builder in the most literal sense; I'm a laborer. I take fairly established designs that I like and make a few tweaks to make me like the circuits even more. I have no secrets, and I encourage eveyone to build their own pedals and devices. I will happily share whatever knowledge I have with the whole community.

Most of my pedals start from circuitboards I get from General Guitar Gadgets. I'll cut a trace, change a few parts, maybe add a pot where there was once a fixed resistor. Eventually, I'll make my own boards, but for now, the folks at GGG and Pedal Parts Plus provide great service and make my life easier.

Also, I like building custom pedals for people. I've built a couple custom dual pedals. I like knowing that I've helped someone fill a specific need that isn't available otherwise. It's gratifying.


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